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EEW improves ESG Risk Rating

After receiving our first ESG Risk Rating from Morningstar Sustainalytics in 2022, we have now improved our rating by 2.6 points. This is the result of a comprehensive analysis of environmental, social and economic ESG risks as well as our company’s management of them.

EEW better managed the company’s identified risks and was thus able to lower its overall score from 23.4 in 2022 to 20.8 this year. This outcome reflects not only our engagement in terms of environmental, social and governance factors, but also underscores our long-term commitment to sustainable growth and responsible corporate management.

We are proud that we could improve our rating score. This motivates us to continue to shape our business activities in a responsible and forward-looking manner.

Timo Poppe

Over the past year, we have revised the structure of the Sustainability Report and refined our sustainability strategy, which is based on an updated materiality analysis and takes into account the relevance of environmental, social and economic topics for our internal and external stakeholders. The Sustainability Report provides extensive information about our goals, measures and steering elements which we use to actively manage the impact of our business activities on the environment and stakeholders.

The ESG Risk Rating is already adding real value for our company because we benefit from better financing conditions and we can raise our visibility as an important pillar of the circular economy.

Stefan Schmidt

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