In dialogue for sustainability

EEW GreenCoaches:
Sustainability through dialogue and commitment

Sustainability requires strong teams. And teams require experienced coaches.

 Sustainability efforts will only succeed if we work together and intensively communicate with each other. This is why we actively engage in continual dialogue with our employees, customers, suppliers, partners, public authorities, industry, policymakers and the scientific community. To strengthen our concept of “true sustainability through dialogue,” we are establishing our own, lively and easily accessible dialogue format: We are appointing our own ambassadors, known as EEW GreenCoaches.

What do EEW GreenCoaches do?

EEW’s GreenCoaches take questions from interested citizens and help them to better understand the complex energy and climate policy challenges of our time as well as the importance and potential of waste management and the circular economy. They serve as intermediaries between the company and the public by making information accessible, answering questions and fostering an open dialogue. Their aim is to encourage people to actively explore sustainable concepts and take action themselves.

What is an EEW GreenCoach?

To ensure solutions are not “glued” to protests, there needs to be an open dialogue, the exchange of sound knowledge and know-how, as well as easy access to informed conversation partners. EEW GreenCoaches act on behalf of EEW, in other words “powered by EEW,” to engage stakeholders in dialogue and present various topics for discussion. They are motivated EEW employees who are open to questions on topics relating to sustainability, the circular economy and energy supplies, and can contribute knowledgably to the conversations. Our EEW GreenCoaches help people to better understand complex topics. They also show how each individual can contribute on a day-to-day basis and give specific tips, such as how to properly separate waste or to save energy.

Sustainability is a team game. As in sport, every effort counts: even small actions can lead to big changes. As EEW GreenCoaches, we rely on open dialogue to impart knowledge, learn from each other and thus be successful together.

Carlo Exner
One of the first EEW GreenCoaches

Where can the EEW GreenCoaches can be found?

You can meet our GreenCoaches at various events, such as a plant tour at our sites, an open house day, at podium discussions, trade shows or even sporting events. We also collaborate here with partners who are working on initiatives and measures with positive social and environmental impacts. The EEW GreenCoaches made their debut with our sponsoring partner, THW Kiel. We had already supported the handball club with its coastline and environmental protection project “För de Küste.” On this website, you can find out where the GreenCoaches are appearing next and request their appearance.

Our EEW GreenCoaches will soon be in action here:

Date Occasion Location Mehr Informationen
May, 13-17, 2024

World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management

Munich Link
May, 20, 2024 För de Küste matchday: THW Kiel vs. Frisch Auf Göppingen Kiel Link


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In dialogue for sustainability