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EEW Göppingen welcomed school groups to the energy from waste plant

What actually happens to the waste that is produced every day in the district of Göppingen? And how is energy produced from waste? A total of 55 pupils from the Pestalozzischule Göppingen and the Schiller-Realschule Göppingen took the opportunity shortly before the start of the summer holidays to take a look behind the doors of the energy from waste plant in Göppingen and have these and other questions answered directly by the waste experts. Not only a great opportunity for the school groups to learn details about the path of waste from the tonne to the kilowatt hour of energy, but also for EEW to enter into dialogue with stakeholders and work on achieving the goals on our roadmap.

We see it as our mission not only to safely thermally recycle non-recyclable residual waste and to make the resulting energy available regionally, but also to raise awareness of the need to use resources responsibly and consciously. This becomes particularly clear during guided tours of our plants.

Hagen Kroll
Head of Production EEW Göppingen

Insights into the complex daily business

The pupils were welcomed by Hagen Kroll, Head of Production, and Andreas Hauschke, Head of Maintenance. After first learning about the general state of knowledge on the topics of waste and waste recycling, the EEW employees illustrated the fundamentally complex technical background by allowing the school classes to take a close look at everything on site. The agenda included a tour of the unloading hall and a visit to the crane driver, as well as weighing with the help of the incoming scales. In addition, the slag bunker was used to explain what the by-product "ash" looks like and what happens to it. Of course, a view from the boiler house roof was not to be missed to demonstrate the height of the chimney and to show which district heating customers EEW Göppingen supplies with energy every day - for example, the Alb Fils clinics, which the pupils had an ideal view of from the boiler house roof. A highlight of the guided tours was the impressive view into the boiler where the waste is incinerated. Last but not least, the groups were able to visit the control room and see where and how the plant is controlled.

The pupils learn to prepare for an independent life in our society, which of course also includes the responsible and conscious use of resources. In addition, the pupils can experience professional perspectives of the MHKW during the visit.

Margarete Kienzle
Headmistress of the Pestalozzi School Göppingen

We offer tours of our plants not only for school classes, but also for kindergartens and adult groups. Those who wish can get a picture of the plants on site and visit them together with the experts. Please contact us at: info(at)

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