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Inauguration ceremony for Lower Saxony's first sewage sludge mono-incineration plant

Premiere in Lower Saxony

With great pleasure, EEW inaugurated the first sewage sludge mono-incineration plant of the group of companies and the federal state in the presence of Lower Saxony's Minister President Stephan Weil.

[Translate to English:] Stephan Weil, Ministerpräsident Niedersachsens

Lower Saxony is the number one agricultural state in Germany. That's why I'm grateful that we already have an alternative for recycling our sewage sludge more than five years before the legal obligation.

Stephan Weil
Minister President of Lower Saxony

The plant, designed for a capacity of 160,000 tonnes of dry sewage sludge, is capable to utilise a fifth of the sewage sludge produced in Lower Saxony and in a safely and environmentally friendly way. At the same time, around 5,000 households benefit from the energy generated by being supplied with electricity. EEW has invested more than 60 million euros and created almost 20 new qualified jobs.

Basis for the recovery of phosphorus

In such a plant, only the sludge that accumulates in sewage treatment plants is thermally utilised - i.e. incinerated and processed. In this way, EEW creates the conditions for the subsequent recycling of phosphorus contained in sewage sludge. If sewage sludge is co-incinerated in coal-fired power plants or waste incineration plants, the pollutants it contains are destroyed, but the valuable phosphorus is also irretrievably lost, as it can no longer be recovered from the ash. With the incineration of the sewage sludge in a mono-incineration plant, the phosphorus can be reused in a downstream process.

[Translate to English:] Timo Poppe, CEO EEW Energy from Waste GmbH

If we succeed in achieving the legally required phosphorus recovery of 80 per cent, up to 40,000 tonnes of phosphate recyclates would be available for fertiliser production annually in Germany every year.

Timo Poppe
CEO EEW Energy from Waste GmbH

3D tour through the sewage sludge mono-incineration plant Buschhaus

Go on a virtual journey and learn about the processes of sewage sludge mono-incineration in a 3D tour. 

to the 3D tour

Impressions of the inauguration ceremony

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