Employee development is corporate development

Qualified and committed employees are the foundation of our company’s success. We provide an appealing work environment and fair working conditions to ensure employees are satisfied and can flourish. This also includes fostering our employees’ development and regularly engaging in dialogue with them.

SDG 4 | Quality education

Overview of our SDGs

SDG 5 | Gender equality

Overview of our SDGs

We redeveloped our human resources strategy in late 2020, primarily to respond to demographic change and digitalisation. The objectives are to preserve the high level of employee satisfaction, remain a competitive employer, keep the fluctuation rate at a sustained low level and further minimise illness-related absences as well as overtime. A further goal is to involve more women in leadership positions. The measures derived from our human resources strategy also protect our company from economic, ecological and social risks. By, for example, instilling an understanding and awareness of occupational health and safety amongst our employees and staff from partner firms, we prevent accidents and thus protect their health. We regularly provide information to increase the safety awareness of our employees so that they can recognise and eliminate hazards.


In dialogue: Jennifer Adermann and Andreas Echternach

“There are really a lot of opportunities, but you must take the initiative.”

Jennifer Adermann
Team Lead Business Partner Controlling EEW

“Sustainability also means encouraging employees and allowing them to flourish.”

Andreas Echternach
Head of Human Resources Management EEW

Four key themes for us as an employer


We want to recruit and retain skilled employees by offering attractive working conditions. These include company benefits such as flexible working-time models and remote working, preventive healthcare and employer-financed occupational disability insurance. At many sites, we also offer a cafeteria, subsidise public transport tickets and contribute towards day-care costs.

Vocational and further training

Based on our new competency model, we introduced a self-assessment test. With the results of this analysis, we can tailor employees’ training to their individual needs. With systematic vocational training and employee development at all sites, we safeguard the quality of our services. In addition, we offer company-wide vocational and further training at our training centre in Helmstedt. In this way, we encourage talented employees and ensure a high level of performance.

Occupational health and safety

We protect our own employees and partner companies’ staff from workplace hazards and promote their health. We do this by raising their awareness of occupational health and safety and safety-conscious behaviour. Moreover, each of our sites offers occupational health services and has at least one safety specialist.

Diversity and equal opportunity

To promote diversity and achieve equal opportunity, we go beyond the statutory requirements. Our foundation is an open corporate culture shaped by appreciation and mutual respect. One key aspect is increasing the share of women in managerial positions. To attract more female skilled workers to our company in the future, we have launched a programme to specifically address women in connection with our recruitment activities.

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