Let’s talk about: good relationships

Thinking about tomorrow, together

We cannot achieve sustainability goals on our own. It requires discourse with business partners, the authorities, the economy, politics, science, the region’s citizens and our employees. That is why we seek dialogue with all relevant stakeholders and cultivate our relationships, which often last for decades.

Employee development and growth

Our employees are our most important resource. In a conversation about sustainable human resources development, Jennifer Adermann (Team Lead Business Partner Controlling) and Andreas Echternach (Head of Human Resources Management) exchange views on how talent is promoted at EEW.

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“Of course, I was trusted with a leadership position because of my skills and not because of a quota.”

Jennifer Adermann
Team Lead Business Partner Controlling EEW

“Giving employees leeway is always a sign of appreciation.”

Andreas Echternach
Head of Human Resources Management EEW

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